Monday, April 14, 2008

Barack Obama on Faith and More

Andrew Sullivan posted this video of Obama responding to the whole "dust up" over his comments about people being "bitter" and about his own faith. It's a pretty good speech.

Here are Sullivan's thoughts:

Obama takes her on. His defense of his own faith - that he and many others have indeed "clung to" at many points in our life - is a moving one - and I believe it is sincere. Hearing a public figure speak this frankly, this directly, and this passionately gives me hope. I don't agree with Obama on everything. God knows that's the truth. But he is already breaking the rules that have trapped us for so long and winning.

I'm not betting against him. You know why? He's not afraid. And by jettisoning fear as the lodestar of liberalism, he is doing us all a favor, right and left. Man, he cheers me up.

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