Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Poem: Seeking


There is no here here;
the desert sky reeks
of expansive blue.

Sure, there are mountains
in the distance,
but the heart beats
within and without,
unbound, uncentered,
diffused by vastness.

Cactus wrens
screech and shriek,
build their nests
in cholla brambles
safe from threat.

I walk amid cactus
and brush better suited
to this land
than my body
will ever become, no
matter how long
these trails haunt
my flesh.

There is no here here,
no self to hold on to,
only the cool breeze
and the seeking
of Raven
amid the high cliffs.

What am I
in this place, who
is it who seeks
answers where only
the stones can reply?

Sitting beside the creek,
I once knew
everything I needed,
but then I left the canyon
and returned
to my life, lost
among all the others
seeking confirmation
in the mirror.

There is no here
only the wandering,
the quest for raven
in a world gone
from source, gone
so far from heart
that feeling is unsafe
and so alone.

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