Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Poem: Rattling Stone

Rattling Stone

fraying edges blur
subtle boundaries :: slippery
moss-covered rocks mark
the river's changing bank,
raucous caw of a crow :: do
sky and earth embrace
for lack of choice?

liminal edge, where voice
escapes the throat
in a roar of silence :: unsaid,
unable to say, choking :: voice
crushed by the weight
of being :: a cold stone
rattling within the skull

invoking the sibylline,
forbidden voice, offers
no solace :: no words
rise from the river,
and the crow glides away,
far horizon blurred
by clouds of cool rain

interiority diminishes
with each breath, each
moment blurs the lines
of self :: a woman
arises from the mist
of thought, walking
along the river's edge

her presence feels solid,
the fleshy hips, wild
hair covering her face,
each step filled with promise,
a phantom other
haunting damp sands
struggling through the glass

imagined or conjured, she
mirrors the broken
line :: boundaries crossed
and rejected, her voice
caws a quiet hello
as she passes :: something
black and winged

weight of being crushes
any reply :: voice wrapped
in weeds, tied in tiny
bows, an unopened gift
offered now, right now,
if only the stone's
rattling would be quiet

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