Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wired - The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007

[Glow in the Dark Cats]

From Wired:

Genetic engineering isn't just for scientists in ivory towers or corporate R&D labs anymore. Researchers are still creating new mice and crops every week, but the tools and knowledge necessary to create organisms never before seen on Earth have pushed out to pet breeders, artists and college kids.

A Wired News first, here we count down the top 10 organisms that didn't exist on Dec. 31, 2006.

These are the top ten -- you'll have to check out the article for details. My personal favorite, which didn't make the list, is mice that are afraid of cats.

1. Ashera GD hypoallergenic cat

2. Butanol-producing E. coli

3. Artful fluorescent tadpoles

4. Insulin-producing lettuce

5. Super CO2-absorbing trees

6. Rapid vaccine-making button mushrooms

7. Glow-in-the-dark cats

8. Cancer-fighting Clostridium bacteria

9. Schizophrenic mice

10. Yeast with poison-sensing rat genes

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