Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gratitude 12/12/07

I haven't been posting daily in my gratitude journal, but I remain very grateful for my life. Among the things I am grateful for:

1) We've had quite a bit of rain and cool weather here of late, and we even had some very dense fog this morning. The hills look amazing with snow on them. It reminds me that winter does still exist, even here in the desert.

2) Work at the gym has been slow, which is normal for this time of year. But I have been getting some regular writing & editing work, which I enjoy very much, especially since this is serious work, as opposed to writing for children (which is just fun). I am currently ghost-writing a chapter for a new book from the APA.

3) I joined Open Source Integral a little while back, kind of a Facebook for integral nerds. Among the topics we have been discussing: what is open-source integral, how to unite the many divergent fields of integral inquiry, and what an integral art and aesthetics might look like. We are still a small group, but new members are joining daily.

What are you grateful for today?

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