Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cool Site: Counterbalance Interactive Library

Not a whole lot of glitz and presentation, but good stuff. All the material appears in Real Player, so if you don't have it, you'll need to use the free download they provide.

Welcome to the Counterbalance Interactive Library, offering new views on complex issues from science, ethics, philosophy, and religion. Here you'll find extensive resources on the evolution/creation controversy, biomedical ethical challenges, and much more. Please choose from the starting points below, or from the short-cuts on the right.

Subject headings (I deactivated the links):

Subjects: Genetics | Evolution | Physics & Cosmology | History | Ethics | Psychology & Neuroscience | Computing | Philosophy | Environment | Religion

Themes: The Relation of Science & Religion | Purpose & Design | Hope | Origins | Controversy | The Future | Global Perspectives | Faith | Aging | Health | Pain and Suffering

Questions: Does God Exist? | What Makes Us Human? | Are we Free? | Does God Act? | Where did we Come From? | Was the Universe Designed? | Did the Universe Have a Beginning? | Are We Alone?

Check out the site -- there's some really good material.

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