Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Poem: Longing


We begin with what we've always had
Sensing a loss, something misplaced
Never allowing our feet to sink into mud
Running sometimes, pushing through thickets

Of blackberries, dense manzanita
Afraid that if we stop it will vanish
A magician's trick, rabbit in a hat
Candles blown out, the door slamming

In the cathedral of hope, afraid to recall
Awakening at 3 am with quiet tears
Sitting in the cool darkness of morning
The gnawing hunger, a thirst

For the salty warmth of blood
Fearing the taste of our own wounds
The cobwebs we wear as a crown
Family albums, and the gentle awareness

That we are so much more, more vast
A longing for the wide lens of self
Panoramic, encompassing landscape and more
Revealing interiors, what we've always been

[Image stolen from Integral Naked]

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