Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Speedlinking 7/31/07

Quote of the day:

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices."
~ William James

Image of the day:

~ The Velocity Diet Lite -- "Maybe you're unwilling to commit to the rigors of the Velocity Diet. You just know you'd end up in a Krispy Kreme store holding off police with gunfire until you'd had your fill. If that's the case, you might want consider the Velocity Diet Lite."
~ Recover Faster From Exercise with Protein AND Carbs -- "A study from James Madison University shows that runners recover faster when they take in large amounts of protein, carbohydrates and antioxidants after their workouts (International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Volume 17, 2007)."
~ Swap your guilty pleasure food for a healthy snack -- "Find healthy swaps for your favorite treats."
~ Caffeine And Exercise May Prevent Skin Cancer -- "A new US study based on laboratory mice suggests that drinking low to moderate amounts of caffeine and exercising regularly protects the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays known to cause skin cancer. The caffeine and exercise appear to work together to kill off precancerous skin cells whose DNA has been damaged by ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. The discovery is yet to be tested in humans."
~ Studies Confirm The Ideal Calcium To Magnesium Ratio - Dynamic Duo Helps Insomnia, Relaxes Tension -- "Calcium and magnesium have long been major players in the game of achieving vibrant health. The pioneering nutritionist Adelle Davis says: "Calcium can be as soothing as a mother, as relaxing as a sedative, and as life-saving as an oxygen tent." And James F. Balch, M.D., author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing says: "Supplementing with magnesium helps prevent irritability, nervousness, muscle weakness, high blood pressure and heart disease."
~ Exercising In Segments Helps Burn Fat -- "Sitting for 20 minutes between 30-minute workout sessions burns fat faster than exercising without a break, Japanese researchers are reporting. The researchers tested the blood of seven men -- average age 25 -- during and after exercise on a stationary cycle."
~ Light Pulses Knock Out Viruses -- "Teams from three U.S. universities and medical schools have discovered a novel way of killing viruses by using an intense pulse of visible light."
~ When Exercise Stops, How Long do Benefits Last? -- "Scientists examining the relationship between the intensity and length of a workout and the duration of its benefits have made a surprising discovery: More isn't necessarily better, and none may be worse than we ever imagined."

~ Living for Exactly What You Have -- "We go through life sometimes focusing on some goal, some prize, some future payoff. Maybe it’s a new job at a new company, or moving from an apartment to a condo or home. Maybe it’s not having to deal with a car that always seems to be in need of repair. Or finding a good “healthy” relationship with someone, or repairing an old relationship gone awry. We often seemed focused on the future, planning for the next big thing."
~ Is Stress Draining Your Emotional Intelligence? -- "According to a new poll conducted by Mutli-Health Systems (MHS) Inc, publisher of several emotional intelligence measures, changes in one's emotional intelligence, triggered by stress, can have detrimental effects on a person's career."
~ The Snap Judgment -- "When negative assumptions are made on the fly."
~ Subliminal (Read This) Learning -- "How the brain learns--unconsciously."
~ The philosophy of love -- "ABC Radio National's The Philosopher's Zone just had an edition on how philosophers through the ages have made sense of that most intense of human emotions, love."
~ a meditation on webs and connectedness -- "what most of life is really about is relationships. connectedness."
~ The Importance of Developing Positive Beliefs -- "While I still believe that people shouldn’t be judged for beliefs, time and reflection have reversed my opinion on the matter of choice — all belief is rooted in choice. But why? How can something as important as belief be subject entirely to whim?"
~ Reading a face is tricky business -- "Reading the face of a person who is trying to conceal fear or other emotions is tricky business, according to a new Northwestern University study of electrical activity in the brain."

~ Justice Roberts: What Do His Seizures Mean? -- "A neurologist on the rapidly evolving study of seizures, how doctors treat episodes like those suffered by Chief Justice Roberts and whether it could affect his future work."
~ House Passes Ethics Bill -- "The House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to require lawmakers to disclose more details of their bids to fund pet projects and their fundraising help from lobbyists."
~ Giuliani Offers Health Care Solution -- "Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday offered a consumer-oriented solution to the nation's health care woes."
~ Hirsh: On to Containment -- "In the Mideast, the Bush Democracy Agenda is gone with the wind."
~ 'Mythic Creatures' in a Real Museum -- "Dragons, sea serpents and manatees, er, mermaids—a museum show looks at the all-too-human impulse to embellish nature."
~ Why Ingmar Bergman Mattered -- "The director, dead at 89, was once hailed as the world's greatest filmmaker. Richard Corliss reflects on why he still is."
~ Art: The Icon's Icon: 80+ Artists Do Up the Dalai Lama in a Double Group Show -- "Electrocuting Pope Benedict's cross-emblazoned loafers will likely earn you an express ticket to hell. But the Dalai Lama? Charge up his shoes and he gently smirks."
~ Author Q and A with Jim Wallis -- "On activism, favorite writers, and his latest book, God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It, Jim Wallis answers our questions."

~ Circumstellar space: Where chemistry happens for the very first time -- "Picture a cool place, teeming with a multitude of hot bodies twirling about in rapidly changing formations of singles and couples, partners and groups, constantly dissolving and reforming. If you were thinking of the dance floor in a modern nightclub, think again."
~ Under magnetic force, nanoparticles may deliver gene therapy -- "After binding DNA segments to tiny iron-containing spheres called nanoparticles, researchers have used magnetic fields to direct the nanoparticles into arterial muscle cells, where the DNA could have a therapeutic effect. Although the research, done in cell cultures, is in early stages, it may represent a new method for delivering gene therapy to benefit blood vessels damaged by arterial disease."
~ 'Living Fossil' Fish Hooked in Asia -- "An Indonesian fisherman makes the catch of a lifetime."
~ Discovery in plant virus may help prevent HIV and similar viruses -- "In a study that could lead to new ways to prevent infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and similar organisms, Purdue University researchers have been able to genetically modify a plant to halt reproduction of a related virus."
~ Molecule with a Split Personality -- "If you take a strip of paper, twist one end by 180° and then stick the two ends together to form a ring, the result is called a Möbius strip, a geometric shape with only one surface and one edge."
~ Soapbox: Is the environmental movement losing touch with its feminine side? -- "This year, Rachel Carson would have turned 100. Had she lived, the "mother of the environmental movement" might have been pleased with how popular environmental causes have become. On the other hand, she might not have liked current shades of green."

~ Perspectives on Psychotherapy -- "Instead of a process of 'healing the sick' we can see therapy (and, I suppose, education) as Michelangelo did when carving a marble statue.. of removing the chippings to what is already there and perfectly formed.[1] The chippings being our fears and doubts about who we really are and what we are capable of."
~ life -- "I've been feeling in a rut-like state for awhile now. I'm not sure how or why (serendipity as C4 would probably say) but I've found myself facing back into work on my bodymind. Namely life skills--an ability to trust my own intuition and to, how do I put this, just do stuff correctly in life."
~ The Search For A New Worldview -- "From the Big Bang to Big Brain, here is a modern creation story, an inspirational starting point for embracing conscious participation in the evolutionary partnership of our time. At the contemporary edge of human consciousness, we must be co-evolutionary partners."
~ Online at Buddhist Geeks -- "Daniel Ingram, Vincent Horn and yours truly have had a zippy chat on the subject of entrances and hindrances to the practice of meditation that can lead to actual results - liberation and awakening - as laid out in teachings of all major lineages. The first part is online: "Croatia, Alabama, and Colorado Collide!" Listen to the podcast and stay tuned for the comments at Buddhist Geeks, link here."
~ From the Zaadz symposium on Kundalini: Z2: My Zymposium Entry: Riding the Kundalini Dragon -- KUNDALINI AND THE DRAGON RODEO -- Riding The Kundalini Dragon: Integrating Altered States.

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