Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gratitude 7/7/07

On this supposed luckiest day of the century, these are some things I am grateful for:

1) Sports: Today Venus Williams, the lowest seed ever to win a women's title at Wimbledon, won her fourth title. An amazing accomplishment, considering that many people thought her best days had passed. And last night, the US mens' (rather, boys') U-20 team upset Brazil to win their bracket and move into the round of 16 at the U-20 World Cup. I love the underdog.

2) I did a lot of reading today, instead of working on an editing project, on the role of soul in psychology. My sense is that integral theory is too focused on spirit, to the point of neglecting soul. I'm sitting with a post on this topic that I hope to write soon.

3) I'm dragging my ass out of bed early tomorrow (4 am) to go hiking with my friend, Susan, at Catalina State Park, a place I have never been before. I'm looking forward to the conversation and the landscape.

What are you grateful for today?


Gao said...

I am still alive.

Anonymous said...

What jg said is spot on. One of my favorite quotes is this:

"I'm thankful to be breathing
on this side of the grass
whatever comes, comes."
-- Ron Pearlman

But too often I forget all the things for which I'm thinkful. It's good to be reminded.

william harryman said...

Thanks for sharing your gratitude thoughts.