Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Speedlinking 10/18/06

Morning image is by Michael G. Magin, and you can buy it here.

Let the linkage begin:

~ Dr. Gabe Mirkin blogs on Second wind.
~ Report: Benefits of fish outweigh risks.
~ Fall Risk For Older Australians Determined By Mental Test.
~ Mechanism That Determines When Detailed Memories Are Retained, Discovered By Researchers.

~ New challenges to our most cherished beliefs about self and the human spirit. This is an in-depth look at the newest research in consciousness studies and what it tells us about who we are. Thanks to deepsurface for the tip.
~ Integrative Spirituality posts Affirming Integral Transformation - An interview with Pamela Kramer , senior ITP practitioner.
~ American Buddhist shares the joys of Philosophy: epistemic anxiety.
~ This is more of a levels/stages post than psyche, but I don't have that section, so I'm posting Gary Stamper's Groups and Dominate Modes of Discourse here for now. This is good.
~ POLYSEMY (the new home of Elegant Thorn Review, by the way) has a great discussion on creativity between Matthew and Paul.
~ Sujatin at lotusinthemud posts a piece on how Pureland Buddhism moves from its inner views to social action -- in service of the pure land - social engagement.

~ KW's blog reports that Willow Pearson, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Sofia Diaz rocked the local NYC Integral community.
~ Andrew Cohen of the Washington Post writes on Terror and Cause and Effect -- an editorial questioning why Congress and the American public should trust Bush and his administration on the terror issue.
~ Wikipedia rival set to launch -- Read the press release that Citizendium issued today.
~ Hillary Clinton is not so convinced torture is a bad thing -- do we need another reason to write her off as good idea gone bad?
~ Moyers on America looks at The Net at Risk Wednesday night on a PBS station near you.
~ Sentimental Education: Academia Signs Up to Track Down Dissent. Chris Floyd of truthout looks at how academia is allowing the federal government to monitor dissent on campus. Big Brother is watching.
~ Christian/Family Values-Oriented Movie Review Database Restores My Faith In Snobbish Film Criticism.

~ E.O. Wilson chats about his new book on the intersection of science and religion.
~ Though blighted, coral reefs discovered off Madagascar may provide the seeds of recovery for marine life devastated by rising sea temperatures.
~ For those who care about our right to vote as a foundation of democracy, you need to keep an eye on BradBlog, the source for all things related to the horror that is e-voting -- including a new report by Bush's former U.S. Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) chair, Rev. DeForest Soaries, stating the e-voting is unsecured and ripe for tampering.

Go forth and read.

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