Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Day in Digby

We hit the road early tomorrow morning for the other side of the island, to Baddeck.

Today we went on a whale cruise. Note to self: Pale-skinned white boys burn easily-- that's why they invented sunscreen -- you might want to look into that.

But we did see a whole mess of humpback whales. Turns out that unless you are lucky enough to catch one mid-breech (we saw one, but didn't get a picture of it), the only way to tell you have photographed a whale is if you get a tail shot.

So I have a whole lot of pictures of the southbound end of a northbound whale.

But we also saw a strange rock, called Balancing Rock. How the hell that rock stays standing is beyond me.

And, of course, I took some more pictures of buildings.

An old, faded house that I liked.

And an old, abandoned church. The new one, just 25 yards away, doesn't have the steeple. Go figure.

There's lots more that I'll try to post in the near future. We will be without internet at our hotel for the next three days, so posting will be hit and miss -- whenever I can get to a cyber cafe.

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