Saturday, July 15, 2006

Poem: Philip Whalen

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The Bay Trees Were About to Bloom

For each of us there is a place
Wherein we will tolerate no disorder.
We habitually clean and reorder it,
But we allow many other surfaces and regions
To grow dusty, rank and wild.

So I walk as far as a clump of bay trees
Beside the creek's milky sunshine
To hunt for words under the stones
Blessing the demons also that they may be freed
From Hell and demonic being
As I might be a cop, "Awright, move it along, folks,
It's all over, now, nothing more to see, just keep
Moving right along"

I can move along also
"Bring your little self and come on"
What I wanted to see was a section of creek
Where the west bank is a smooth basalt cliff
Huge tilted slab sticking out of the mountain
Rocks on the opposite side channel all the water
Which moves fast, not more than a foot deep,
Without sloshing or foaming.

~ From Overtime

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martin said...

hello bill, any thoughts on restarting your Tarot series? I found the posts very insightful, they really helped kick-start my use of the cards. No pressure, just a friendly question.

Cheers & love


WH said...

Hi Martin,

Yeah, I do plan to get back to it. I've been working on Saturdays quite a bit, so haven't had time.

Plus, I just needed a break. It was beginning to feel like work instead of something I love.

Hopefully I'll be back to it soon. Thanks for asking and caring.


martin said...

don't do it if it feels like work...we can wait till it's fun! cheers.