Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Ken Wilber Moratorium

I started to write a response to Wilber's third attempt to justify his original rant, but, well, who the hell cares. This whole thing has gotten tiresome.

Please go read Victoria Lansford's excellent post in response to Wilber's rants instead. She pretty much nails it.

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ebuddha said...


I went the bad humor way, there at the end...

Unknown said...

It's like with TV. It doesn't get tiresome, you just forgot where the off switch is.

I figure people who complain that they are bored or tired ought to do something else other that what bores them or tires them and that something else ought not to be burdening others with the news that they are bored or tired.

william harryman said...

Thanks for sharing, Tom.