Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Integral Buddhism, Redux

Well, Blogger has been down all afternoon and just came back online, so I have been unable to post until now.

I have revised and expanded my Integral Buddhism article for submission to Shambhala Sun. The article is a response to Sam Harris' article, "Killing the Buddha." It's still a bit rough and although I cannot post it here (copyright issues for the magazine), I would like others to read it and comment on it if interested.

If you'd like to see a copy of this article and maybe offer me some constructive criticism, I would be so extremely grateful. Please email me through the link on the sidebar if you are interested.


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rocket said...

Sam Harris is a deeply messed up guy.

rocket said...

I feel I should fill in some detail.

I've never read a word Sam wrote but did email him a comment, based on decades of experience, on topics of apparent mutual interest, psychedelics and buddhism. Sam seemed to experience my comment as an existential threat, responding with glaring ignorance about Buddhism, brazen arrogance and vile invective directed toward another scholar twenty years his senior who has been a world class Buddhist scholar since Sam was at his mom's boob.

He's a very emotionally disturbed guy.