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Speedlinking 7/9/07

Quote of the day:

"I don't need a baby growing inside me for nine months. For one thing, there's morning sickness. If I'm going to feel nauseous and achy when I wake up, I want to acheive that state the old fashioned way: getting good and drunk the night before."
~ Ellen DeGeneres

Image of the day (John Craig):

~ Stimulate More Muscle Growth -- "If you understand your opponent, you can manipulate him and win the battle. Similarly, if you understand why weight lifting builds muscles, you can control those babies and make them do your bidding. Muscle Master Christian tells you how."
~ Diabetes Control or Prevention: Strength Training, Protein Benefits -- "A study from Purdue University shows that lifting weights and eating extra protein can help to prevent or control diabetes, while enlarging muscles at the same time (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2007)."
~ What to look for in protein powder -- Good tips.
~ What's your calorie IQ -- "Keeping track of calories is critical to successful weight loss. Are you a calorie-counting ace? Put your skills to the test by guessing which item in each of the following groups has the least calories."
~ You Share Your Body with 90 Trillion Roommates -- "And just like your real roommate, they don’t pay rent (but they do at least clean up the place). Your body is a veritable planet, housing some 90 trillion roommates, mostly microbes." Ain't nature cool?
~ Some Simple Advices about Diet to Fight Rheumatism and Chronic Inflammation -- "Inflammation is a major component in most Rheumatic pain conditions or rheumatic diseases, therefore it is advisable to eat a good amount of food that reduces inflammation and reduce the consumption of food that contains inflammatory agents. Here are some simple dietary advices that may help reduce rheumatic conditions...."
~ Pumpkin Extract May Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes -- "Pumpkin extract may help protect insulin-making pancreatic cells from type 1 diabetes, according to Chinese lab tests on rats."
~ Tinkering With Humans -- " In The Case Against Perfection, Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel worries that steroids, growth hormones, genetic engineering and other enhancements 'pose a threat to human dignity' and 'diminish our humanity.'..."

~ Chronic insomnia linked to depression, anxiety -- "For some people, chronic insomnia may be a sign of broader mental health problems like depression and anxiety, according to a new study."
~ Pain Distracts The Brain -- "Anybody who has tried to concentrate on work while suffering a headache knows that pain compellingly commands attention -- which is how evolution helped ensure survival in a painful world. Now, researchers have pinpointed the brain region responsible for pain's ability to affect cognitive processing."
~ Eldest Children are Smarter: A Study in Effect Sizes -- "The story about two weeks ago that eldest children have a significantly higher IQ was really big news, but I didn't have time to talk about it then. Now, that I have had time to look at the articles about it, I think that some statement about what the word "significant" means is in order."
~ The Happiness of Beating Bulimia For Good -- "In the MAPP program at Penn, we studied “hope theory,” which was devised by C.R. Snyder, and it elegantly explains why hope is so essential to well-being, and now I understand why it was also the linchpin of my recovery. When people are hopeful, they have goal-oriented, pathways thinking that allows them to persist longer as they work at achieving their goals. Hope also allows people to believe in themselves, and to think more creatively about how to get around obstacles, stay focused, and make better choices when self-regulation is low."
~ Domestic Goddesses [Neurontic] -- "Having been raised in California - birthplace of est, vegan bacon, and aerobics - I grew up thinking of life less as an "adventure" than as a relentless self-improvement campaign. Oh, don't get me wrong, I got more than my fair share of personal affirmation at home, but no matter how special my parents insisted I was, the prevailing message of the culture around me was that with a little work I could be "specialer"--or at the very least skinnier, healthier, and more well-adjusted." The article isn't really about this quote, but it leads into the main points.
~ A new method for imaging whole-brain structural networks -- "The high-order brain functions underlying complex patterns of human behaviour are poorly understood, not least because of the enormous number of neural computations involved. Complex behaviours require the parallel and integrated activity of hundreds (or even thousands) of discrete brain modules, each consisting of thousands of neurons."
~ Journaling -- "Journaling is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development. By getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them down in writing, you gain insights you’d otherwise never see."

~ Bush Denies Congress Access to Aides -- "Bush Invokes Executive Privilege to Deny Congress Testimony From Former White House Aides."
~ A Question Of Hell -- "One Minister Questions Its Existence." Probably more than one.
~ The Death of the Novel (again) -- "Freeman’s point has been made before: readership for all forms of literature is falling in America, and the novel has been replaced as the topic of even literate conversation by the rise of well-written serial television. (I remember the same claim being made during my childhood about less well-written television, but never mind.) And in the end, it’s not Tony who killed the novel, according to Freeman; it’s the decline of public education, the language of advertising, and the visual tyranny of the screen (television, internet, Blackberry), which has taught our eyes “to scan, and to receive, and less and less to read.” Watching The Sopranos requires no acts of reading, only weary appreciation...."
~ Deb Price: Americans Continue Love Affair With Marriage -- "Marriage will keep winning popularity contests because adaptability is one of its most enduring traits."
~ Sheehan Considers Challenge to Pelosi -- "Cindy Sheehan said she will run as an independent against the San Francisco Democrat in 2008 if Pelosi does not file articles of impeachment against Bush by July 23." Uh, yeah. . . .
~ 50 Best Websites 2007 -- Our 2007 picks for the best of what's new and exciting on the Web today - sites with exceptional style and smarts that offer new ways to enrich the on- and off-line experience."
~ An Open Letter to High-School Students: Pay Attention to Government -- "To every high-school student in this country between the ages of 15 and 18, this letter is to you. If there is ever something that you should take the time to learn about, it is government."

~ Toxin Levels Of Great Lakes Fish Getting Worse -- "Levels of PCBs, methyl mercury and dioxins in many Great Lakes fish, such as salmon, rainbow trout, walleye, pike and lake trout are too high for human consumption, according to a new report called Up to the Gills: Pollution in Great Lakes Fish, by Environmental Defence, a Canadian conservation group. Despite some falls in contamination levels in certain parts of the Great Lakes, the report states that serious problems still exist and seems to be getting worse."
~ Neutral evolution has helped shape our genome -- "Johns Hopkins researchers have added to the growing mound of evidence that many of the genetic bits and pieces that drive evolutionary changes do not confer any advantages or disadvantages to humans or other animals."
~ Parched Everglades Need More Than Rain -- "An unprecendented drought in Florida is making a bigger problem worse."
~ Monbiot: We can provide all or most of our electricity from renewable sources -- "In his July 3 column, George Monbiot reminds us of how much worse the threat of global warming may be than the consensus IPCC position. But he also reminds us that there are reasons for optimism too. He cites three studies that point to the fact that there is every reason to believe Europe and the UK can supply between 80 percent and 100 percent of electricity needs completely sun, wind, water, wave, tide, and minor amounts of biomass and geothermal energy, V2G Vanadium flow batteries, and pumped storage."
~ With fans and fanfare, Boeing unveils new fuel-efficient aircraft -- "Yesterday, Boeing unveiled a new fuel-efficient airplane to a crowd of more than 15,000 workers and onlookers, as tens of thousands more watched by satellite. The 787 Dreamliner -- nicknamed the "greenliner" -- boasts a body that's half carbon-fiber composite; because the material is lighter than the traditional aluminum...."
~ Bicycling Gains Popularity Even in the Bike-Crazy Netherlands -- "The distance the average Dutch person bicycles every day has increased by nearly 10 percent in the past five years, the country's Central Bureau for Statistics said Monday -- remarkable in a nation already renowned for its love of two-wheeled transport."

~ History and Dharma (5) -- "The example of Meister Eckhart (and Giordano Bruno etc.) perfectly illustrates how adequate (read: favorable) conditions in all four quadrants are necessary for growing in structures (even when, or especially when, you are awake in all states). And now, let's have a look at the W-C-Lattice."
~ History and Dharma (6) -- "Alright, is "adopting the conceptual referents of Lankavatara or Avatamsaka sutra into a green altitude mindset" a problem in itself? Oh, yes! Frankly, it's quite a problem, since you're actually down-adopting some post-turquoise reports of a nondual insight into a tier-blind (i.e. green) structure, plus without that 1st person insight, so the problem is twofold - at least - and it requires a twofold solution."
~ Who Are We? -- "Anyway, here we go, today, Monday, and the question is: Who are we? It’s the question Michael Moore comes to, after ninety minutes or so spent examining the American health care system—and finding it lacking."
~ Buddhist Geeks 27: Are you Stalking Us?! -- "In this episode, the three geeks process listener feedback about podcasts and blog posts. They also discuss the future of podcasts on Buddhist Geeks and creating more dynamic conversations."
~ What It’s Like To (Almost) Go Crazy -- "I recognize that I have been purposely obscure in my writing these past few months. I think that’s why I had that dream recently where my “anima figure” asked me for “advice about going crazy.” It’s a directive from my subconscious to share what I have learned from doing (or almost doing) just that."
~ Cohen on Spiritual Inquiry -- "A really profound (in my estimation) article by Andrew Cohen on the nature of and reason for spiritual inquiry in the 21st century context. Extra credit: On the question of Cohen's relationship to the Feminine path, (see here), it is true he is a Masculine-only teacher. At least he is now--that's Cohen 3.0. Cohen 1.0 actually expressed deeply Feminine characteristics."
~ Many forms of love -- "A quick exploration of forms of love, which can be put into three general categories: the love of existence, selfless love, and possessive love."

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