Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Life: An Update

The woman I love ( as much as it pains me, I can no longer call her my girlfriend) and I saw a therapist tonight -- he's very good, and comes highly recommended by a friend of mine. The session was uncomfortable in a multitude of ways. But it was decided that she will she will see him for a while, and if at some point she wants to include me in the sessions, as a means of saving our relationship, then I will do some sessions with her.

At this point, my primary concern is her happiness, and I think that Bob (the therapist) can help her with that. I have to trust that she will find her own way through this difficult time in her life. If I am to be a part of that, I would be extremely happy. If not, I have to trust that Bob will help her find a path to her own happiness.

This is challenging for me in so many ways. I am sure I know what the right path is, but there is nothing I can do to make her choose that path.

I'm trying to practice equanimity, but it's hard.

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