Monday, October 30, 2006

Speedlinking 10/30/06

Monday morning image is of the M42 Nebula:

Welcome to a new week!

~ Does your trainer have the right stuff? The folks at iVillage recommend checking the certifications of potential trainers. They suggest the big three: the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). I'd add the ISSA.
~ New Study Indicates Moderate Exercise May Protect Against Colds. It's cold season, so get your behind in the gym.
~ From Fitness Health and Diet Tips, and article on When to exercise.
~ Adolescent Brains Are Insensitive To Alcohol For A Short Time, But At Great Cost. That explains a lot -- a real lot.

~ Significant Amount Of Binge Eating Occurs In Restaurants. The study showed that both dieters and binge eaters consumed more calories and fat on days they ate out. For binge eaters, about 30% of binges occurred at restaurants.
~ Stigmatizing Overweight People Can Discourage Dieting, Yale Researchers Find. Makes sense -- low self-esteem translates into poor follow-through on diets.
~ Childhood Abuse Can Impact Victims' Adult Relationships. The researchers concluded that "the process of transference can lead previously abused individuals to use behavioral patterns from their relationship with the abusive parent in later interpersonal relationships, even when such patterns may be inappropriate or ineffective for the current interpersonal situation."
~ Insight Into Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Offered By New Research.
~ Tim Boucher's Pop Occulture Blog tackles Layers of Self-Consciousness, Irony and Unwitting Projection in Post-Modern Linguistic Consciousness and Identity.

~ Women Feel Less Trusting At Work Than Men Do, Study Shows. Dr Simon Pervan "found that only 48 per cent of women agreed with the statement: "We are honest with each other about the problems that arise," whereas 67 per cent of men agreed with this."
~ This is a good article: The Republican War on Science.
~ Have you ever thought about why we talk? Certainly, most of it isn't to communicate needed information. Here are some thoughts on other reasons we talk.
~ Over at Integral Visioning, Steve Bhaerman posts The Supreme Law of the Land. The article looks at democracy in American history.
~ Sean at Deep Surface wrote the post I was wanting to write, but didn't. Damn him. Check out Atheists and Development.
~ Bob at Dust offers his response to Sean, Rational dialogue and human development.
~ Sean responds to Bob in Atheism is Hip, and damn, I wanted to blog about that Wired article, too. Oh well.

~ For those who like to read, here is a Grab bag of books. Most of these are economics related.
~ The BBC claims that Climate change 'brings huge cost'.
~ Meanwhile, the GAO chief warns economic disaster looms for the US. The accountant-in-chief thinks we're going to be bankrupt pretty soon.
~ Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki says he is 'Not America's man in Iraq.' Aw, how cute. Our puppet ruler is showing some backbone.
~ Dave at Via Negativa posts an amazing photo and a nice entry in Looking for water.
~ Inc. Magazine's 'Green 50' Celebrates Green Entrepreneurs, from World Changing.

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